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  • Good Morning!

    My name is Fran. My boss Lance just bought King Katmai N95677 from a gentleman in Italy. We have had the airplane in Minnesota about a month. Lance is a student pilot with property in South Dakota that he wants to be able to land on. He felt that this airplane would meet his mission needs. Honestly, he doesn't need the performance of the King Katmai because I am working on buying a Twin Bonanza to land on same property but 677 is so cool looking that I completely understand why he wanted it.

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    Ramp in Iceland on way to Minnesota Over Greenland Ice Shelves Over Iceland

    To be honest, I wasn't that interested in a Single Engine Airplane. I have 9000+ hours, former Airline Pilot, Instructor, etc...that I wasn't that excited to get involved after Lance asked me to become a partner. I said no to partnership but would help him look at airplanes. We looked at a beautiful Wipaire 206 Amphibian (w /hangar), the Boss 182 from Wipaire, and this King Katmai. Lance chose the King Katmai option and I am glad he did. He wanted it so bad he didn't even send me to Europe to look at it.

    I let my CFI expire years ago when I was with the airline. I also haven't flown at all in 5 years because of health issues. Once Lance started down this path, I jumped through the flaming hoops of the FAA and got my medical after having cancer last year. The delivery pilot gave me a BFR, and I am now coaching Lance from the right seat. It's been a great few weeks.

    It has been an absolute BLAST flying this airplane. It has a banging panel to keep the airline pilot in me excited and performance challenging enough for me to want to go out and practice a LOT to get good in. So far I am able to land pretty short and even made it less of a crash and more of a firm arrival. Over the next week or two my plan is to make the landings soft and in the 200' or less that I choose and not just any 200' in a 5500' long runway.

    Just wanted to say 'Hi' and see if I can wake anyone up on this forum.
    Good Day,

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    Boss just gave me flight assignment. Fly him to his ranch and drop him off so he can hunt for a few days. He'd prefer an on ranch off airport landing. So I get to go scouting and drive around and make sure there are no rocks and wires and stuff. So far I have been told its a 1200' alfalfa field, mostly flat cut to 2" height and the field was 'rolled' last year. There is a 2500' gravel road with a slight incline, some 1000' jeep trails that look better than anything Todd landed on. I may just do some touch and goes. It'll be fun


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      Beautiful airplane and I hope you have great fun with it. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of the 1400+ hr I spent flying Todd and Jo's airplanes--two 260se/stol and one 260 hp Katmai.
      Kevin Moore
      Former 260se/stol Katmai with BRS owner; planeless for now


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        Today was the day we were supposed to do my first off airport landing. We did the flight but unfortunately I didn't land in the field because of standing water and really sloppy conditions. Wonderful instrument airplane. Not quite getting all the fuel burns but everything else has been great.