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77 gallon tank versus 88 gallon tank

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  • 77 gallon tank versus 88 gallon tank

    I noticed in the sales spec sheet that two different fuel tank sizes are mentioned: 77 Gal and 88 Gal.

    I see that the 1979 model had the wet wing and increased the fuel capacity to 88 Gallongs.

    Is this related to having 1 or 2 fuel vents?

    What are the pros and cons of the two tank sizes?

    Greg Garner

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    There’s no subtlety here really...with 88 gallons you have the the potential for longer range but with smaller payload. If out-and-back unrefueled range is important for your flying missions then by all means get a ‘79 or ‘80 model with 88 gallons usable fuel.

    The smaller fuel capacity aircraft had fuel bladders. The three airplanes I owned all had the bladders and I never had any problem in over 1400 hr flying and ten years of ownership.

    Kevin Moore
    Former 260se/stol Katmai with BRS owner; planeless for now